SEO Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions

    Agreement / Terms and Conditions: This document outlines the terms of your agreement with us, subject to periodic modifications.

    SEO / Search Engine Optimisation: Refers to SEO services provided by us, unless you’ve specifically asked us to manage other types of digital marketing in addition to, or instead of, SEO.

    I, You, Your / Account Holder: Refers to the person or company named as the client in this Agreement, and where applicable, the website or business you have control over.

    We / Nicholas Fritzkowski ABN 37 254 484 533: Trading as Nicholas Fritzkowski Digital Consultant.

    Account: Any SEO account created by Nicholas Fritzkowski Digital Consultant while providing services to you, and the data associated with such SEO accounts.

    Payment Terms

    • An Initial Set-Up Fee (if mentioned) is required in full before the commencement of your SEO services.
    • Monthly fees for managing your SEO account will be charged in advance.
    • We reserve the right to cease managing your SEO account and end this Agreement anytime with written (or email) notice to you.
    • If you decide to suspend or end our services, please inform us by phone or email. All outstanding payments will be due within 7 business days of cancellation.
    • All prices are in Australian dollars and exclusive of GST.

    General SEO Terms & Conditions

    • By entering this Agreement, you allow us to access your SEO accounts for the purposes of optimisation and management.
    • We aim to set up your SEO account as quickly as possible; however, the complete setup may take 5-7 days.
    • The management fee is separate from any third-party charges you may incur for SEO. We are not responsible for any such charges after you’ve ended management services with us.
    • We aim to help you reach your online goals through advice, information and technical services related to SEO. However, we can’t guarantee any specific outcomes.
    • Our maximum liability to you is limited as outlined in this Agreement.

    Intellectual Property and Account Ownership

    All SEO accounts, documentation, systems, and materials generated while providing services to you remain our property. They can only be duplicated or resold with our permission.

    Termination of Services

    A 2-week notice period is required if you decide to end your SEO services with us.