Website Maintenance

WordPress Plugin Maintenance Service

I offer a comprehensive maintenance service to ensure your WordPress website is always in top condition. From timely updates and secure backups to consistent uptime and vigilant security monitoring, I’ve got all your needs covered.

Personalised Support from an Australian WordPress Expert

With my expertise in WordPress, I provide unmatched support and guidance. I’m dedicated to ensuring your website operates seamlessly, allowing you to concentrate on your primary business activities.

Trustworthy Website Management

Trust in my service to manage the technical aspects of your WordPress website. I’m committed to ensuring your site remains reliable and dependable. With my service, you can be assured of a secure, consistently monitored, and optimised website. Stay abreast of the latest WordPress advancements and also benefit from my premium Australian WordPress support at special rates.

 Proactive Website Monitoring

I’m always vigilant when it comes to your website. Be it an unexpected downtime, a performance hiccup, or a potential security breach, I’m often the first to identify and rectify the issue. My deep understanding of your site’s configuration allows me to act swiftly, ensuring minimal disruptions.


The essentials maintenance plan
$ 19 Monthly
  • Monthly Backups
  • Monthly Core Updates
  • Monthly Plugin Updates
  • Monthly Theme Updates
  • Maintenance Reports


The small business maintenance plan
$ 59 Monthly
  • Weekly Backups
  • Fortnightly Core Updates
  • Fortnightly Plugin Updates
  • Fortnightly Theme Updates
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Weekly Security Scan


The business maintenance plan
$ 99 Monthly
  • Daily Backups
  • Weekly Core Updates
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Theme Updates
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Daily Security Scan
  • Optimisation
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • SEO Report​


The professional maintenance plan
$ 189 Monthly
  • Daily Backups
  • Weekly Core Updates
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Sitemap Management
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Daily Security Scan
  • Optimisation
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • SEO Rank Tracking
  • Performance Benchmarks
  • Link Monitoring
  • Free Advanced Plugins
  • Cloudflare Integration

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25+ years experience

WordPress Maintenance Service Features

Cloud Backups

It's crucial to have regular backups of your website stored in a secure offsite location. If anything goes wrong, these backups can be a lifesaver. I use top-notch cloud storage infrastructure to ensure your data is safe.

Staying Updated

It's essential to keep your WordPress, plugins, and themes updated. These updates often fix vulnerabilities, compatibility issues, and also bring in new features and improvements.

Security Checks

I use advanced tools to scan your website for potential threats like malware, spam, and other vulnerabilities. It's always better to spot and fix these issues early on.

Website Uptime

If your website goes offline, it's crucial to know immediately. I use sophisticated monitoring tools that notify me instantly, so I can help get your site back online as soon as possible.

Monthly Reports

Every month, I'll send you a detailed report showing all the work I've done to keep your website running smoothly. This includes visitor trends, keyword rankings, performance insights, and more.

Managing Licenses

I'll handle updates for your premium plugins and themes. Plus, I'll manage license renewals and ensure you're getting the best deals available.

Optimising Your Site

Over time, unwanted data like spam comments and trashed items can slow down your website. I'll regularly clean up this clutter to keep your site running efficiently.

Performance Monitoring

I run weekly checks to ensure your website is performing at its best. If any issues arise that might slow down your site, I'll be the first to know.

Support at a Discount

Need changes or improvements on your website? Reach out to me and get top-quality WordPress support at a special rate.

Tracking Keywords and Competitors

Stay updated on how your main keywords are performing. I'll also help you identify competitors and monitor your rankings in local search results.

Monitoring Website Links

Broken links can harm both your SEO and the user experience. I'll regularly check your site for any bad links and provide solutions to fix them.

Choosing the Right Plan

Not sure which maintenance plan suits your needs? Let's chat. I'll understand your business and website requirements and suggest the best plan for your budget.

To kick things off, please contact me and provide basic business details. After that, I’ll guide you on setting up an Administrator User for our team on your website. Typically, you’d share your Hosting Account or cPanel login with us.

Absolutely! With my service, your website’s security gets a boost. I’ll set up top-tier security plugins and ensure timely WordPress security updates. While no site can be entirely invulnerable, mine make for tough targets. If malware does sneak in, I’ll be here to help clean it up.

I don’t rush. Updates are scheduled, and if it’s a security patch, i’ll act swiftly. However, immediate updates after non-security releases can sometimes cause issues, which are often fixed in subsequent updates.

Not exactly. I’m here for you 7 days a week during daytime hours (7am to 9pm AEST) for Elite customers. For Basic, Starter and Business clients, urgent support is available during regular office hours (9 am to 5 pm AEST).

For non-urgent matters, I typically respond in 1 to 2 business days. Critical issues?I’m on it within an hour. For the fastest response to urgent issues, give me a call.

Of course! I’m flexible and will help you find the plan that best fits your website’s needs.

Nope! We bill support services by the hour.

Yes, with some specifics. For Elite clients, it’s part of the package. For Basic, Starter and Business clients, I focus on free plugins or those with built-in updates. If a critical update is needed for a premium tool, and I have access, I’ll prioritise it.

If an update causes a compatibility problem, we’ll typically roll back to the previous version. We always back up websites before updates, so we’re prepared.

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25+ years experience