WooCommerce Custom Cart Expiry Plugin

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Bid farewell to cart abandonment and endless browsing with this straightforward, effective solution.

About the Plugin

The WooCommerce Cart Expiry Plugin is more than a tool – it’s the solution to your inventory being stuck in stagnant carts. This changes the shopping experience to be more efficient for both you and your customers by forcing clear carts and establish custom timeout alerts.


  • Force Clear Cart: No more cart squatting, keep your inventory moving.
  • Customisable Timeout: You set the rules. Decide how long items linger in carts.
  • Toggle Expiry: Need a break? Pause cart expiries whenever you want.

Transparent Pricing, No Surprises 

Access the WooCommerce Cart Expiry Plugin for a straightforward one-time payment of $6. No extra costs, no perplexing pricing models. Just pure, uncomplicated value.


Questions? Look No Further.

  • Is the installation process complex? No worries! It’s just a few clicks.
  • Is this plugin compatible with my existing theme? Indeed. The WooCommerce Cart Expiry Plugin integrates seamlessly with standard WooCommerce themes.
  • It’s not working? Sometimes cache plugins can be overzealous and cause certain things to not run, try setting the shop, cart and/or checkout pages to be forced uncached.

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