Custom style the Elementor search results

I recently tried out the “No Results for Elementor Pro” plugin for a client’s website and found it quite handy. 

You can find the plugin here: No Results for Elementor Pro

It addresses a common issue with Elementor Pro sites where the default ‘no results found’ message can be a bit underwhelming, making the site appear less polished or thought-out.

This plugin allows you to replace that bland default message with something more engaging and useful. You can direct visitors to other sections of the site or offer suggestions, making their experience smoother and more interactive.

In my experience, the plugin is user-friendly. You don’t need deep technical skills to set it up, which is a significant advantage. When I implemented it on my client’s site, there was a noticeable improvement in how visitors interacted with the site. They didn’t just bounce off after a fruitless search; instead, they engaged more because they were offered alternative paths or suggestions.

The client has observed a decrease in quick site exits, likely because users aren’t confronted with dead-end search results anymore. This small tweak has made their site more inviting and user-centric.

If you’re using Elementor Pro and want to address the pain point of unhelpful search results, I’d recommend trying this plugin. It’s a minor adjustment that can enhance user interaction significantly, making your site feel more thoughtful and well-designed.

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