WooCommerce Custom Cart Expiry Plugin Now Available

About the Plugin

I’ve got some news for online store owners. I’ve developed a new tool called the WooCommerce Cart Expiry Plugin, and it’s here to help solve a common problem: products getting stuck in your carts and not be available to real buyers.

What Does the Plugin Do? 

Shoppers often leave items in their carts without purchasing, which ties up inventory and leads to missed sales. This plugin addresses that by:

  • Force Clearing Carts: Automatically empties carts after a period you set.
  • Setting a Cart Timeout: You decide how long items stay in a cart.
  • Sending Optional Warnings: Lets customers know their cart is about to expire, if you want to use this feature.
  • Turning Off Expiry: Have the option to disable cart expiration when needed.

Who Made It? 

I did. I’m Nicholas Fritzkowski, and I saw a need for this while working on my own online projects. So, I created this plugin myself, focusing on ease of use and practicality.


It’s $6. No extra charges, just a one-time payment.


You can get the WooCommerce Cart Expiry Plugin here. If you have questions or need more info, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help.

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