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The Challenge

Several years ago, AREMA was struggling with a poorly designed website and lacked a significant online presence. Despite their efforts, they weren’t reaching the audience they aimed for. Their previous marketing agency was not delivering the results they needed, leaving AREMA in search of a solution.

That’s when AREMA decided to collaborate with Nicholas Fritzkowski. Discover how Nicholas utilised his extensive expertise and methodologies to assist AREMA in expanding their reach and boosting their influence in the HVAC industry.

What I did

  • HVAC Portal Development
  • Data Visualisation Tools
  • Energy Efficiency Resources
  • Refrigerant Purity Insights
  • Transition Guidance
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Resource Centre Hub
  • Industry Collaboration
Giving customers reasons to call makes it more likely that they will. USPs also differentiate you from the competition.
Placing the logo in the top left-hand corner of the site helps build immediate trust with potential customers.
Placing the logo in the top left-hand corner of the site helps build immediate trust with potential customers.

Client Overview

I crafted a specialised portal for AREMA that allows members and industry professionals to access vital resources and information about air conditioning and refrigeration equipment in Australia. This portal integrates advanced technologies such as custom APIs, CanvasJS, PHP, JavaScript, and sophisticated mathematical conversion algorithms. These tools work together to present data in a user-friendly manner, offering invaluable insights to HVAC manufacturers, environmentalists, and consumers alike.

Project Results

The portal developed for AREMA has become an essential tool for industry professionals. It not only provides access to crucial data about thermal properties in the cold chain but also offers insights into energy efficiency, refrigerant purity, and the transition to low global warming refrigerants. The integration of technologies like CanvasJS, PHP, JavaScript, and advanced algorithms ensures that the data is presented in comprehensive graphs and charts. This has been instrumental in aiding food designers, producers, transporters, packagers, storage operators, and auditors in making informed decisions.

Technology and Services Provided

PHP, Elementor, WordPress, Copywriting

Local Search Strategy

I focus on your specific market, demographics, and targeted keywords to effectively boost your business's visibility in local search engine results.

Website Design

My web designs are crafted to not only look good but also to convert visitors into loyal customers. Each site is fully optimised for search engine visibility.

Content Development

I produce content that's rich in essential keywords, aiming to build trust with your target audience while also improving your rankings in search engine results.

PPC & Pay Per Lead

Through paid search marketing, I strategically position your services at the top of search results, capturing attention when customers are actively looking for what you offer.

Precision KPI Tracking

I meticulously track key performance indicators to continuously fine-tune your marketing campaigns, aiming for the best possible return on investment.

Budget Optimisation​

I carefully manage your marketing budget to ensure it's being used in the most effective way, aiming to lower your cost per result while maximizing your return on investment.

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