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The Story

I’ve worked with SuperCool for years, recently updating their website with their in-house Graphics Designer and Copywriting specialist. Our goal was a user-friendly site that clearly presents their product range to enhance marketing efforts.

The revamped site features a robust search and filtering system, includes technical documents, and incorporates foundational SEO elements for increased visibility.

What I did

  • Elementor CMS Integration
  • SVG Graphics Implementation
  • PHP Server-side Scripting
  • SEO On-page Optimisation
  • Custom Search Mechanism
  • Product Filtering System
  • Technical Document Inclusion
  • In-house Team Collaboration
The site offers compelling incentives for customer engagement, enhancing the likelihood of calls. Additionally, its USPs distinguish it from rival platforms.
A clear call to action on the website guides visitors toward taking the next step, making it easier to convert them into customers.
A clear call to action on the website guides visitors toward taking the next step, making it easier to convert them into customers.

Client Overview

SuperCool is a leading provider of advanced HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) solutions. With a team of industry experts, they offer reliable services and products, specialising in solving complex problems in the HVACR sector. Their expertise extends to cold chain management, where they aim to make a significant impact on global food loss and wastage. Driven by a commitment to improve industry standards, SuperCool focuses on benefiting both people and the environment.

Project Results

After revamping SuperCool’s website, we achieved a user-friendly platform that effectively showcases their extensive range of HVAC&R products and services. The site now features a robust search and filtering system, allowing users to easily navigate through product options. Additionally, the inclusion of technical documents provides valuable support to users, while foundational SEO elements have been implemented to optimise the site’s visibility. This comprehensive update has not only enhanced user experience but also significantly bolstered SuperCool’s marketing efforts.

Technology and Services Provided

PHP, API, SQL, AWS, CRM, Zapier, Elementor, WordPress, CSS, Schema, Javascript, HTML, SEO, Local Citations, Copywriting, Graphics Design

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